Daang Dokyu is a 6-day documentary film festival showcasing an exhaustive and inclusive program of Philippine documentaries from the early days of Philippine cinema and television to the contemporary documentary landscape.

A Festival of Philippine Documentaries
Sep 19 - Nov 5, 2020


Taboo / Off the Record

October 16-22, 2020

All Grown Up (2018)

dir. Wena Sanchez

62 MINS. | PG-13 | With Introduction

A filmmaker closely follows her teen brother as he starts a new life in college. Her brother is smart but a bit of an oddball, and he finds it hard to navigate the world like a normal teenager. As she observes his progress, however, she notices similar traits with her own daughter. This makes her question her ability to help the people she loves the most.


Dreaming in the Red Light (2019)

dir. Pabelle Manikan

86 MINS. | PG-13 | With Introduction and Q&A

In Angeles City, we get inside the lives of two women: a mother who’s a former worker in the Red Light district and her half-German teenage daughter, as they make small everyday choices to improve their conditions. A film that intimately observes how women try to survive when their options are few and far between.

Dory (2017)

dir. Beverly Ramos

20 MINS. | PG-13

Dory is about a 101-year-old trans woman who walks around the streets of Tondo, Manila, where she works as a beautician. As she faces her twilight years alone, she ponders whether her long life is a gift from God or a curse.

Oliver (1983)

dir. Nick Deocampo

66 MINS. | PG-13 | With Introduction

The first installement in Nick Deocampo’s Ang Lungsod ng Tao ay Nasa Puso trilogy, Oliver follows a female impersonator who supports his family by performing in Manila’s gay bars during the Marcos dictatorship. It is one of the most compelling illustrations of the fluidity of sexuality, as well as of the power of human agency in times of hardship.

Invisible (2019)

prod. ABS-CBN News (Docu Central)

50 MINS. | PG-13

Still considered a taboo topic, mental health is usually associated with craziness, mental derangement, or lack of faith. In the Philippines, there are about 3.3 million Filipinos afflicted with this “invisible” ailment, many of whom are afraid to admit it and deal with their condition for fear of being ostracized. Sometimes, warning signs are ignored and things end up tragically. In this full-length documentary, ABS-CBN hopes to destigmatize mental health by taking a more optimistic approach with stories of recovery and redemption.

Mga Batang Mandirigma (2004)

The Probe Team Documentaries, dir. Cheche Lazaro

53 MINS. | PG-13

The Probe Team traces the roots of two Muslim youths who are currently studying in the U.S.: Khalid Dimaporo and Romina Bernardo. More than another war story, this is a tale of two individuals who are out to discover what it means to be a Muslim of their generation. Both come from prominent political clans in Mindanao, but consider themselves “modern Muslims,” having been raised and exposed to different cultures in other countries.

Documented (2013)

dir. Jose Antonio Vargas

60 MINS. | PG-13 | With Introduction
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Documented chronicles the various journeys of the Pulitzer Prize­–winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas: his journey to America from the Philippines as a child; his journey through America as an undocumented immigrant and, eventually, an immigration reform activist; and his journey inward as he reconnects with his mother, whom he has not seen in person in over 20 years.