Daang Dokyu is a 6-day documentary film festival showcasing an inclusive program of Philippine documentaries from the early days of Philippine cinema and television to the contemporary documentary landscape.

A Festival of Philippine Documentaries
March 16-21, 2020
UPFI Cine Adarna


Future / Back to the Future

March 21, 2020 | 7:30 PM





Short Silent Films with Music


Retrochronological Transfer of Information

Tad Ermitaño

Inspired by the works of physicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar and philosopher Enryo Inoue, this 16mm film documents the experiments of a modern-day scientist who attempts to communicate with Jose P. Rizal, the Philippine National Hero who was executed by the Spanish in 1896.



A collection of short actualities that include some of the earliest representations of the Philippines in moving images. Shown for the first time in the country, these administrative reconnaissance films exhibit street scenes, local industries, and the Culion leper colony.


Early Philippine Actualities

US Library of Congress



Manila Street Scene (1926)

BFI Archives



Industrie de L'Abaca a L'Ile de Cebu (1911)

BFI Archives



Fabrication des Chapeaux de Manille (1911)

BFI Archives



Glimpses of the Culion Leper Colony and of the Culion Life (1929)

BFI Archives



Independence Day (1946)

British Pathé Archives


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